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£68.00 £59.00

A great starter set for Oily & Acne skin.



The ideal set for acne & oily skin. Includes everything you need for your daily skin care. Start & end the day with the correct cleansers & cream to regulate the skin sebum and control acne outbreaks.

Oily/Acne Skin Starter Pack Includes:

Acne Out Gel 200ml

Thoroughly cleanses the skin, removes makeup, and mattifies the skin.Its ingredients inhibit serum secretion and bacteria growth, while soothing irritated skin and reducing acne lesions.

7% of active substances: natural betaine, zinc, glycerol, shikimic acid, salicylic acid

Acne Out Toner 200ml

A normalizing tonic for professional cleansing of problematic skin with symptoms of acne. It contains shikimic and salicylic acids with sebum-regularing, bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory effect. It regulates the sebaceous glands and restores pH of the skin.

4% of active substances: natural betaine, glycerol, shikimic acid, salicylic acid

Acne Out Cream 50ml

Matts, reduces shining, smooths skin structure. Perfect under the make-up for oily and combination skin. Its ingredients bring down the secretion of sebum, reduce inflammatory lesions, and prevent further breakouts. Its light, readily absorbing formula delivers a durable mattifying effect, while also helping make-up last longer.

6% of active substances: shikimic acid, salicylic acid, Affi pore®, glucam, glycerol

Acne Eliminator 15ml

Spot treatment paste for acne spots and irritated skin. Zinc, shikimic acid, and tea tree oil ensure its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, thoroughly cleansing, and regenerative properties.



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