Are you ready for a deep facial cleansing?

💎 Hydrogenium+ is an innovative Hydrogen Cleansing treatment based on the administration of active hydrogen particles deep into the skin by using pressurized water.

💎 The treatment is designed to instantly hydrate the skin, improve blood circulation, boost skin elasticity, and limit the amount of damage tolerated by each cell’s DNA.

Benefits of Hydrogen Cleansing:

✅ fresh, radiant skin

✅ exfoliation of dead skin cells

✅ cleansing the pores of the skin

✅ smoothing wrinkles

✅ skin hydration

✅ slowing down the skin aging processes

👉 This treatment is suitable for all skin types, including acne and couperose, sensitive and atopic skin.

👉 Single treatment: £95

👉 Regular Price: £110

👉 A course of 3 treatments: £270

Call for Your Appointment: +44 7927384408

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